Supplier Information Management

Remove the most manual elements of supplier onboarding and create a centralised hub of supplier information that delivers insights faster than ever before.


Introducing our Supplier Information Management portal - the fastest way to build an up-to-date supplier database you can trust.

Managing suppliers doesn’t have to be painful. RAPid Supplier Information Management has been built to streamline your internal approval processes and enable your suppliers to upload and manage their own documentation including certifications, catalogues and more.


Automated workflows notify your stakeholders in different teams at key milestones when their review and approval is needed, making it easier than ever to collaborate. Our solution will also keep your database up to date by validating prospective suppliers against external databases including Experian and Dun & Bradstreet.

How to reduce business risks and costs with better supplier onboarding

The cost and risk of selecting poorly vetted suppliers can be greatly minimized by improving your onboarding process. Discover the new procurement technologies that are supporting enterprises to streamline their processes and protect their revenues.

Automate your most manual tasks and free up your time to work on the projects that matter. RAPid Supplier Information Management integrates with our Procurement Analytics and Contract Management solutions to create a centralised hub of procurement information. 

The possibilities are endless.