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An advanced automation platform that supports better decision making

We want to help you make better, faster decisions. It's why we developed RAPid, a powerful platform that automatically extracts, aggregates, improves, and organises all of your data and documents; helping to fuel your analytic initiatives and business processes.

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Procurement Analytics

Integrate, cleanse, enrich and visualise your spend data to identify new ways to improve the performance of your organisation.

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Supplier Information Management

Automate the manual elements of your onboarding process to build a consistent, up-to-date supplier database you can trust.

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Contract Management

A secure contract storage repository that helps you quickly find the exact clause you need create approvals workflows and get notified when it's time for renewal.

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Supplier Performance Management

Access best-practice scorecards, monitor KPIs and review relationship status to add value, reduce costs and minimise the risks associated with supplier management.

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Case Management

Centralise your business data and automate manual processes to free up time and reduce administrative overhead.

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Correspondence Management

Create a single view of all customers interactions, leveraging real-time data to help deliver customer service excellence.

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Customer Analytics

Mine and analyse customer data; transform insight into actionable intelligence that adds new levels of value to your business.

Customer Stories

Don't just take our word for it. Meet the organisations working with Rosslyn to drive their businesses forward.

pledis customer stories
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"In 'today's digital and connected world, growth comes from being truly consumer-centric. Enabling smart technologies and data-driven processes will be at the heart of our entire product journey from procurement to shelf. Rosslyn Data Technologies is empowering our procurement organisation globally to be a key enabler of business success by giving us better visibility into our sourcing data and making smarter decisions."

Thibaut Eissautier, Group Chief Procurement Officer, pladis

whitbread statement
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"Whitbread picked Rosslyn Data Technologies because they are the experts in aggregating, organising and improving data so my colleagues in procurement, supply chain and finance will have the highest quality insight to make informed decisions that will benefit customers."

Dan Urwin, Head of Procurement Development and Operations, Whitbread

weir statement
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"We have millions of lines of complex data, coming in from multiple sources and Rosslyn 'Data Technologies' RAPid platform makes it simple for us to analyse and manage, allowing data driven strategic sourcing decisions every day."

Jenny McGeough, Operations Director, The Weir Group