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Taking your spend visibility to the next level

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Leveraging advanced machine learning, Rosslyn provides unprecedented levels of spend visibility. Regain control of your procurement data and processes, which combine to help you to deliver immediate improvements in operational performance and employee productivity.

Rosslyn Spend Analytics is designed to help procurement professionals develop meaningful insight into spend data and supports improved decision making. With access to improved business intelligence, procurement teams are able to deliver greater value throughout the supplier lifecycle.

The intuitive, user-friendly platform automates the resource-intensive process of aggregation, cleansing, categorisation and enrichment of data from a wide range of systems, both internal and external.


Actionable Insight

It is a widely accepted belief that the more visibility you have of your data, the greater the potential return-on-investment (ROI) you will receive from your analysis and monitoring efforts.

Traditional spend analytics tools provide varying degrees of visibility, but many fail to exploit line item data, resulting in organisations missing out on savings.
Rosslyn starts with giving you visibility at four levels using artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the integration, cleansing and enrichment of data from a single cloud-based analytics platform.


Spend visibility is more than just having sight of as much data as possible

What’s key to turning spend analysis into spend insight and subsequently business value is knowing (and understanding) how much data is classified correctly and at what level.


Making the business case for spend analytics

Download our White Paper: 'How to Obtain a Return on Your Spend Visibility' to understand what procurement analytics could deliver for your organisation.

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