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WEBINAR: How to link procurement processes to business value

By  Rosslyn Data Technologies  on  25 Sep 2018

According to The Hackett Group, 84% of procurement organizations strongly believe that digitalization of procurement processes will dramatically change the way their services are offered within the next few years. However, based on CPO Rising research, only 29% of procurement leaders are focusing on improving procurement processes. 

What procurement processes and capabilities do you need to effectively deliver cost savings, profitability, cash flow, and revenue? 

To help procurement professionals do more with less, Rosslyn Data Technologies has developed a new tool to help you assess, plan, improve and measure the business impact of your procurement organization.

Watch this webinar on demand to determine the different types of business value you are able to create by simply focusing on the critical procurement processes and capabilities that are mapped and aligned to specific business outcomes. You will also learn:

  • What procurement processes and capabilities you need to improve cost savings, profitability, cash flow, market share, reputation, revenue and competitive advantage
  • Which metrics are best for assessing and tracking the success of your procurement organization and investments in digital transformation
  • How to put into place the building blocks of a digital-first procurement organization including a roadmap for investing in technology, processes, data and people