Posted by  Hugh Cox  Published on  12 Nov 2013
  • Data Strategy

Part 2 of a series of three posts looking at why data discovery vendors should make the transition to the cloud. In this post, I look at the importance of partners.

Partners have an incredibly important part to play in the success of every data discovery vendor, and it’s important that everyone is aware not only of the benefits that they can bring, but also what needs to happen to make a partner relationship a successful one.

You’ve Got a Friend

Data discovery vendors should remember that they’re not alone when they embrace the cloud – most vendors have a network of partners, which is something that will prove key when launching new products and cloud services.

It means that you already have a network of people who are championing your business and solutions – so use it!

Ensure that partners are prepped as well as any internal stakeholders would be, after all, these are the people who will be on the front line, and key in conveying your message to as many people as possible.

By making sure you properly engage your partners, you can be confident that you’ve got a great competitive advantage – work with them to seed the market ahead of launch, and as a fully prepped sales army come launch day.