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New experiences everywhere

By  Paul Lawrence, Senior Customer Success Manager – Rosslyn  on  2 Apr 2021

I often reminisce about the year I lived in Switzerland in 2003/4. It was a year of self-exploration (partly driven by the living arrangements) and personal growth. New experiences everywhere - Independence, immersion in a new culture and finding a love of red wine. My experience was shared with a handful of other University Students who were placed to work for a year in Basel at Syngenta AG.

I was fortunate to work within the “Knowledge Management” department under the direction of R&D and Knowledge Manager, Dr Khoon Chin. Khoon’s philosophy took the notion of ‘Knowledge is power’ a step further. It was his belief and since then mine, that having knowledge does give you ‘power’ it is the act of sharing knowledge that makes both you and the knowledge itself powerful.

"It is the act of sharing knowledge that makes both you and the knowledge itself powerful."

This belief/philosophy/mantra call it what you will, has driven the way I engage with Colleagues and Client’s alike. The way ‘we’ collectively become better is through the sharing of knowledge with others. This extends to home life sometimes boring my children in the process (part of the job of a father I think).

Procurement Analytics has been a passion of mine for many years. I have seen it make tremendous impacts to businesses. Bottom line savings and improvements in process and compliance come from understanding your data. ERP systems take you some way there, but it is the businesses who have the analytics engines, and the knowledge makes the insight simply demonstrable that can take you from what you think you know to a place of clarity.

Rosslyn is continuing to invest in better ways to make saving money simpler. Stay tuned for changes coming later this year. We want to share this power with you in an even more effective way, and it is coming....

Paul Lawrence, Senior Customer Success Manager at Rosslyn