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Rosslyn Analytics and Pitney Bowes Software Partner to Deliver Globally Enriched Data

By  Lance Mercereau  on  8 Apr 2013

Rosslyn Analytics and Pitney Bowes Software today announced a new partnership to provide enriched global data intelligence for over 100 countries through Rosslyn’s cloud-based analytics platform, which will vastly simplify the process for businesses to cleanse and enrich their data.

The partnership will integrate Pitney Bowes Software’s Spectrum data management platform and Rosslyn Analytics’ cloud-based RAPid analytics platform, to provide organizations with a complete end-to-end Business Intelligence solution to manage their data, clean it, enrich it and deliver true world-class data analytics.

Businesses no longer have to address the problems of cleansing and enriching their data separately. The RAPid platform provides a single stop solution to capture and integrate data from any source, cleanse it and enrich it through the use of Pitney Bowes Software’s data sources and visualize results to deliver enhanced Business Intelligence and analytics.

The partnership will enable customers across the globe to have access to a myriad of enrichment capabilities for their data, utilizing Pitney Bowes Software’s data sources, which span 100 countries with over 100 million addresses – all through Rosslyn’s user-friendly, cloud-based, platform.

Gary Roberts, Executive Vice President EMEA, Pitney Bowes Software said:

“The power of Big Data lies in being able to connect disparate sources of information and contextualize fully with any internal data that organizations have. Through our partnership with Rosslyn, the depth of knowledge that is available will enable businesses the world over to create new business models, enter into new markets, and align to business objectives with confidence against real-time, factual information.”

Charles Clark, CEO, Rosslyn Analytics added:

“Our partnership with Pitney Bowes Software is enabling business data intelligence to be delivered in a manner never seen before. For too long, businesses have been side-tracked by trying to manage and integrate their data, instead of benefiting from the true value data intelligence can bring. Context is key for data, and, through our RAPid platform, we give businesses the applications they need to integrate data from any source, plus enrichment capabilities, to provide unparalleled levels of insight and ultimately visualize the results through market leading data discovery tools – all through the cloud. True business intelligence is now a reality for businesses.”

Cloud analytics is fast becoming the industry standard for business data analytics, with many analysts predicting continued investment in the technology for years to come. Rosslyn’s RAPid platform has been established for over 5 years and used by a number of enterprise clients. However cloud analytics is not just about the reduction in cost, and speed of deployment, as Charles Clark explains.

“The RAPid platform not only delivers applications today, designed to integrate and interrogate business data, but it’s an environment and platform our clients can develop in, to scale and build to their own business requirements. This is where we really see the importance of Cloud-based analytic technology and where, with data from Pitney Bowes Software to enrich their existing data, clients will see untold return on investment and the ability to massively accelerate their capacity to innovate.”