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Powering the world's largest enterprises

Rosslyn Data Technologies' intelligent platform accelerates the process of automatically identifying, collecting and organizing all of your documents and data. The result? Faster processes, deep-dive analytics and business insights you can rely on.


How it works

Rosslyn delivers an end to end data factory that automates the collection, aggregation and organization of data and documents so you can answer critical business questions.

With all your business information unified in one place for quick and easy access, our platform is designed for speed, ease and scalability. Unlike traditional solutions that take weeks to deploy, require technical skills to use and are expensive to build and manage, Rosslyn is ready for you today. Just add data. 


The value of using Rosslyn

Powered by cutting-edge natural language processing and advanced machine learning, the Rosslyn platform helps you to transform your business data into a competitive advantage. 

Extract Data

Quickly extract data and documents from any source

Single view

Aggregate critical data and documents for a single view of the business


Intelligently organise information so it is easily searchable and accessible


Improve the quality and completeness of business information


Speed up processes with automated workflows


Unlimited data size with multiple number of hierarchies eith over 100 systems daily overnight

A future-proof system

Our platform will adapt with you as your business objectives evolve. If you require more insight or a different focus, simply add more data into the platform rather than relying on costly bolt-on modules.

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Built to make life simple

Delivered through the browser, Rosslyn can be simply deployed for immediate use. No multi-year projects requiring costly IT support. No complicated infrastructure to integrate with your existing technology investments. Just a user-friendly, collaborative environment, delivered directly to your team.

Insights on demand

Answer the most difficult questions with confidence. We've built automated data cleansing and intelligent workflows into Rosslyn so that you can trust the information you're seeing, dramatically speed up reporting timescales and provide insights where it matters most.

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