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Modern procurement data has evolved far beyond spend analytics.

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So why does the rest of the organisation think that’s all Procurement does? It’s time to change that.

A collection of ideas and tactics to:

  • Elevate Procurement into a proactive function by delivering insights, not analysis.
  • Identify trends and changes in performance patterns and risk profiles within the supply chain early.
  • Build strength and resilience within your supply chain and the broader business.
  • Engage your entire business with your team.

The first in a series of downloadable resources, each covering a different transition phase in the data value journey to help you. 

"In today's digital and connected world, growth comes from being truly consumer-centric. Enabling smart technologies and data-driven processes will be at the heart of our entire product journey from procurement to shelf. Rosslyn Data Technologies is empowering our procurement organisation globally to be a key enabler of business success by giving us better visibility into our sourcing data and making smarter decisions."

Thibaut Eissautier, Group Chief Procurement Officer, Pladis

Unlocking hidden value from procurement data



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