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Disparate data exists when you have multiple source systems. The dream is to “connect, correct and transform” it into actionable intelligence.


Rosslyn Spend Management enables businesses to automatically aggregate, enhance and organise both structured and unstructured data. All sources of business intelligence are now synchronised and standardised, providing a single version of the truth.

Leveraging augmented intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation – the Rosslyn platform is transforming the way businesses create value from data.

Rosslyn Spend Management solution offers a secure, accurate, searchable, resilient database underpinned by a collaboration of design, process, and technology.

It can be accessed and interrogated enterprise-wide, combining a diverse set of systems into a single view. This single version of the truth is known as the “Golden Record”.


Reliability of the data within the supply chain is paramount

Procurement has never had greater relevance and importance within an organisation. Procurement leaders, our clients, are seeing digital transformation as a key driver, a step-change in the way they work.

The ability to function and operate on a global scale. Rosslyn Spend Management provides Procurement leaders with the ability to confidently make business-critical decisions.

Providing Rosslyn clients with critical facts and data about the organisation’s suppliers determines how that supply relationship develops. The Rosslyn platform makes that data actionable across the business. Which is a huge step forward.

One Platform

All your tools for complete business insight.

Single Version of the Truth

All your connected data in one place to provide the truly Golden Record.


Identify savings in days of data visibility.

Cloud analytics

No more IT investment. Greater business visibility and insight to customers.

Unlocking hidden value from procurement data

There is a commonality between all organisations who successfully transform data into action; they all start by compiling a Golden Record at supplier master data level. 


bad data

"Rosslyn has an excellent reputation in spend analytics, in enriching and improving the quality of data, as well as integrating unstructured data and documentation into the mix. Their Spend Management is a further extension beyond that."