Supplier Performance Management

Take control of your supplier relationships to minimise risk, reduce costs and get maximum value from your contracts.


It's far too common for procurement teams to negotiate great contracts but not realise the benefits later on. If supplier relationships are not measured and monitored closely, your vendors will take advantage.

It's why we created RAPid Supplier Performance Management, the tool that supports you to intelligently track and evaluate supplier performance and maximise your return on investment.

Simply your complex, Excel-based performance management processes with a user-friendly tool that helps you to collect, configure and visualize your supplier data in tailored scorecards and dashboards.


RAPid Supplier Performance Management will help to identify and highlight potential risks in your supply chain, and increase procurement’s contribution to your profit margins. Discover a different way to engage your suppliers.  

Supplier Performance: Is it time for a new metric?

Learn how to create more business value by changing how you engage, measure and monitor your suppliers.