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It's far too common for procurement teams to negotiate great contracts but not realise the benefits later on. If suppliers are not measured and monitored, you won’t realise maximum value from the relationship.


Are you maximising the return on your investment in every supplier relationship?

RAPid Supplier Performance Management will help identify areas of potential risk within your supply chain and increase procurement's contribution to overall profitability. Discover a different way to engage your suppliers. compress image (4) (1)

Can you monitor and evaluate supplier performance? 

Simplify your complex, Excel-based performance management processes with a user-friendly application that helps you to collect, configure and visualise your supplier data in custom scorecards and dashboards.

Why Supplier Performance Management?

The performance of your suppliers, and your relationships with them, has a direct impact on the performance of your business. Without monitoring the health of these relationships, you will not maximise the available returns. Worse still, you may be exposing your business to unnecessary risk.


  • Add value – closer collaboration with your suppliers creates a stronger relationship and helps to generate greater value for both parties

  • Reduce risk – greater visibility into supplier activity helps identify issues before they cause disruption, reducing risk within the supply-chain

  • Eliminate costs – improve supply chain efficiency with greater insight into the business impact of late payments, faults or missed SLAs



Rosslyn performance analytics solution enables you to collect and manage the data you need for a successful Supplier Relationship Management programme.



The cost and risk of selecting poorly vetted suppliers can be greatly reduced by improving your onboarding process. Discover the new procurement technologies that are supporting enterprises to streamline their processes and protect their revenues.

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