Procurement Analytics

Say no to data siloes and broken processes - automated procurement analytics will transform your way of working.


Fragmented and poor quality data, caused by disparate technologies, are stopping procurement professionals from efficiently delivering maximum business value.

It's why we created RAPid Procurement Analytics, the only solution of its kind that automatically and comprehensively extracts, integrates, cleanses and organizes your data for accurate self-service reporting and analysis.

Benefiting from advanced machine learning techniques, RAPid gives you spend visibility in days and complete control of your procurement data and processes that will improve operational performance and employee productivity overnight.


As your business objectives evolve, RAPid will evolve with you. If you require more insight of a different focus, simply add more data sources into the platform, rather than relying on costly bolt-on modules.

Trying to Make the Business Case?

Download our guide: 'How to Obtain a Return on Your Spend Visibility' to understand what procurement analytics could deliver for your organization.

RAPid Procurement Analytics is designed to help your team to work together to improve cash flow, monitor supplier performance, improve cash flow, mitigate supply chain risks and manage contract compliance in real-time. 

All of these insights, capabilities and value in one solution will future proof your information needs.