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Introducing the intuitive solution that links your contracts with spend data, supplier performance scorecards and more to get total visibility of your supply base


RAPid Contract Manager

RAPid Contract Manager comes fully equipped with analytical reports, role-based workflows and configurable triggers that proactively notify you about upcoming contract negotiations, expirations and more.

Looking for a specific clause? No problem. RAPid Contract Manager integrates with document scanning modules to support full text search and indexing within documents, helping you to identify key financial opportunities such as rebates, price breaks and discount thresholds.


Align and automate your processes

Managing and monitoring contract agreements post-signature is a significant challenge that can lead to substantial losses each year.
It's why we created RAPid Contract Management, your single and secure source of contract information that aligns and automates your processes.
RAPid Contract Manager is the trusted solution to your collaboration and compliance challenges. Become a more productive team that can answer queries faster, identify new savings opportunities and negotiate from a position of strength. With one trusted source of contract data, you’ll discover a new way to work.