People Analytics

Discover the fastest way to unify your HR data, improve productivity levels  and identify workforce issues early.


For too many HR teams, deciding where to focus investment and energy is based on 'gut feel' as there is not enough employee data and evidence available.

It's why we created RAPid People Analytics, a single solution that creates a richer view of your workforce and supports you to increase turnover, profitability and productivity. 

Start aggregating employee insight from across your organization, without having to wait on IT resources. With RAPid People Analytics, employee data from multiple systems can be exported, integrated, and visualized in days, not months, to create a holistic workforce view and support your strategic ambitions.


This user-friendly, self-service solution will support you to define HR’s contributions to your wider business goals, quickly produce reports including diversity and gender pay gap, and forecast workforce requirements as your business evolves. Take control of your employee data with RAPid People Analytics.

How to measure and manage your workforce performance

If you're trying to analyze your employees' contribution to the business and identify areas to prioritise and invest in, then this guide is for you. Discover the key set of metrics that you need to establish a people analytics program, alongside best practice advice to make it succeed.