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Discover new opportunities to boost productivity and nurture talent. The RAPid analytics platform from Rosslyn Data Technologies is here to revolutionize your employee experience.

Popular Solutions

We have developed a range of award-winning solutions that will enable you to address specific business priorities, from productivity and diversity metrics to measuring ROI throughout the recruitment lifecycle. Our solutions can be used as standalone apps or integrated to give you a holistic view of your workforce.

People Analytics

Aggregate employee data from across your organisation to create complete visibility of your workforce. People Analytics delivers the insight you need to attract, reward and retain your top talent.

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Employee Data Management

Create a single, accurate source of cleansed and de-duped employee data in a secure platform. Rosslyn will help you to integrate HR tools and visualize your entire employee lifecycle.

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Contract Management

Create a single employee contract repository to simplify policy updates, apply special clauses, ensure compliance across your workforce and speed up contract review cycles.

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Discover the value of employee data

Is a lack of visibility into your employee data affecting your organization's performance, profitability and competitiveness? Download this guide to understand how high-performing HR teams are are applying analytics to answer business critical workforce questions.