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According to McKinsey, companies that use customer analytics generate almost twice as much profit as their competitors that do not.

It’s why we created Rosslyn Customer Analytics, to help you create customer insights that will drive higher satisfaction levels, identify performance gaps, and contribute to your strategic roadmap.

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Customer Analytics solution

What should a good customer experience look like? With our Customer Analytics solution, you’ll be able to quickly benchmark your customers’ purchasing and usage data, transform customer feedback into product and service enhancements and adjust your sales process to ensure tailored offerings are presented at the most relevant milestones in your customer lifecycle.

Of course, before you can delight your customers, you must stop disappointing them. Our Customer Analytics solution will help you to identify any failures and gaps in your processes, allowing you to manage and resolve customer experience challenges before they impact your sales.

With Rosslyn's Customer Analytics solution, you'll be able to quickly uncover and analyze invaluable insight about your customers in order to:

  • Strategically segment and profile customers to focus marketing on customers that are most likely to purchase

  • Quickly capture customer interactions and feedback through surveys and scorecards


  • Discover the root causes of customer churn

  • Improve product design and customer loyalty by incorporating feedback from users
  • Collect, monitor and manage a single, omni-view of your stakeholders across multiple digital channels

  • Create customized promotions that resonate with your customer base

Catalogues and classifies every interaction you have with customers

Our intelligent solution captures, catalogues and classifies every interaction you have with customers, leaving you with a single view of your customers regardless of communication channel. Move to an evidence-based decision-making model, armed with new sources of insight into your customers’ behaviour.


how well do you know your customer lifecycle

Not sure where to start?

Discover the insights waiting to be discovered in your customer data. This free guide designed for customer experience professionals will highlight the most relevant questions you should be asking throughout your customer journey, as well as the data you need to answer them.

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