Case Management

Centralize your business data and automate your manual process to free up time and administrative overhead.


As digital transformation introduces an increasing number of platforms, applications and services to enterprises, it can be extremely difficult to process business information efficiently and effectively.

It’s why we created RAPid Case Management, a centralized solution to help you maintain and manage a single view of your business information. Simply link related documents, attachments and data so that different teams and departments can collaborate with ease.

RAPid Case Management's automated notifications alert stakeholders when they need to review, amend or sign off on documents while user-based permissions allows you to protect and secure your data so that only the relevant individuals can view or edit content.


Our solution also provides pre-built workflows that can be configured for customer-facing processes such as complaints handing or claims management, as well as internal processes such as GDPR subject access requests and workforce management.

Need more insight? Simply create dashboard reporting using the data collected in the tool to highlight patterns, trends and opportunities that might normally be missed.