Rosslyn Solutions

Discover the cloud platform that intelligently delivers a single view of your employees, customers and suppliers for complete and accurate self-service analysis.


Rosslyn delivers a series of self-service tools that helps to accelerate and automate business-critical processes in 3 key areas:

Your Suppliers

Target off-contract spend, mitigate supply chain risks and visualise your biggest savings opportunities with a cloud-based analytics platform designed by procurement professionals.

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Your Employees

Retain top talent, develop future leaders and accurately forecast future staffing needs. We'll help you to establish a unified HR data set and the metrics that can help you transform employee performance.

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Your Customers

Reduce customer effort, set up automated workflows to flag high-priority complaints, and integrate your comms channel into a holistic view via a collaborative platform.

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It all starts with your data.

Good quality data is the foundation of any business insight. Our 4 step data process will automate your most manual data processes and help you to rapidly extend your analysis capabilities and explore new opportunities.


Automatically aggregate, improve and organize your data and documents. All your business information - synchronized and standardized across the organization for a single view of the truth.

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Automate the extraction of your business data - no matter where it's hiding. Our tools can rapidly extract whether it's a simple spreadsheet or your most complex ERP, HRIS or customer database.

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Improve your data quality through the perfect blend of machine-learning and expert oversight. Incomplete and incorrect records will be identified and amended using our automated data cleansing tools.

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Enrich your data to create more context and deliver better insights. We'll work to augment your data with 3rd party information and add factors including diversity, financial risk, and geographical spread.

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Not sure where to start?

Discover how to create value from your business data. Our latest guide is here to help you understand the improved insights and business outcomes you can deliver with a data-driven strategy.