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WEBINAR: How to use people analytics, metrics and data to transform your HR organization

By  Rosslyn Data Technologies  on  31 Jan 2018

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For many organizations, HR’s biggest focus in on identifying the right metrics to use in assessing, monitoring and improving the productivity and impact of your company’s most important and valuable asset – its employees.

Yet, as an HR professional, you know you need more than just metrics.  You require deep insight into the most pressing human capital issues facing your company, such as how to cost effectively address employee turnover, improve employee engagement and attract future talent, in order to implement change.

To help you overcome these challenges, we hosted a webinar so you can transform not only your HR organization, but that of your entire company, with people analytics.  Watch the recording of this webinar today and find out how to:

  • Choose the human capital metrics that are aligned to your company’s objectives
  • Identify the most important questions should be asking at each stage of the employee lifecycle
  • Compare your way of working with analytics best practice from other organizations including tools, processes and data
  • Determine which metrics you should use to evaluate the effectiveness of your HR organization, including processes and capabilities 

Hosted by Lance Mercereau, CMO, Rosslyn Data Technologies, in partnership with Sam Hill, Founder, Workforce Dimensions, this webinar is ideal for HR directors who are looking to build an analytics capability, or who have just started on this journey and seek to create more business value from their initial investment.

Watch this webinar on-demand today.