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WEBINAR: How to apply intelligent automation to procurement digital transformation

By  Rosslyn Data Technologies  on  26 Apr 2018

Just as analytics has transformed how procurement professionals create value, automation will have just as big, if not a bigger, impact on the future of procurement.   

By taking a strategic approach to procurement automation, you’ll be able to create significant long-term value far beyond achieving the efficiency improvements of 50% to 75% of baseline costs from fully automating routine tasks (figures calculated by The Hackett Group).  The question posed by many procurement leaders is what steps need to be taken to achieve these and other business performance improvements. Digital is now a board discussion and procurement should be actively supporting this conversation.

In partnership with Genpact, Rosslyn Data Technologies recently hosted a webinar to help you learn why automation should be on your procurement innovation agenda.  In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • The history and future of automation software, from workflows and robotic processing automation (RPA) to cognitive automation and beyond
  • How to develop a modern business strategy for the digital age based on new ideas, operating models and disrupters
  • The most important procurement automation use cases to support better cash creation, cash flow, supplier performance, risk mitigation, compliance management, and business efficiencies
  • What is required for you to successfully deploy automation software in your procurement organization such as vision, change management and data

You can now watch the recording of this webinar here.