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Uplifting and reimagining the user experience in Procurement through the acceleration of digitalisation.

By  Anna Rickards  on  7 Apr 2021


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Nadia Law                                          Client Services                                Rosslyn Data Technologies


Paul Lawrence                                    Senior Customer Success Manager  Rosslyn Data Technologies


Arron Clarke                                              Founder                                              Hudson & Hayes


Bilal Shaykh                                Strategic Advisor                                    Hudson & Hayes


The acceleration of digitalisation across source-to-pay provides an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine the way work gets done throughout the process. Often, buyers spend time on non-value adding activity which draws their time away from the strategic aspect of procurement. By thinking outside in, procurement leaders can also uplift the user experience, driving compliance and reducing maverick spend.

In this event, procurement experts from Hudson&Hayes and Rosslyn Data Technologies will be running a panel discussion focusing on:

  1. Typical non-value-adding diversions that shift time away from strategic and differentiating areas of procurement

  2. How uplifting the procurement user experience drives compliance and reduces Maverick (rogue) spend

  3. How to unlock an efficient, effective, and customer-centric procurement process and what this looks and feels like


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