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Saving procurement time and improving the experience for budget holders

By  Anna Rickards  on  7 Apr 2021


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Nadia Law                                         
Client Services Director                 
Rosslyn Data Technologies

Paul Lawrence                                   
Senior Customer Success Manager 
Rosslyn Data Technologies

Arron Clarke                                             
Hudson & Hayes

Bilal Shaykh                               
Strategic Advisor                                   
Hudson & Hayes


The role of procurement is evolving. Combining process improvement with technology can remove the administrative burden that still exists in many organisations. This in turn helps turn procurement professionals into valued business partners, making procurement processes easier for budget holders.

Hudson&Hayes and Rosslyn Data Technologies held a panel forum to discuss:

    • Rebalancing procurement activities: How to shift focus to value-added activities through process improvement and technology implementation.
    • Improving the budget holder experience: How to utilise process and technology to improve the experience for budget holders and make procurement easier to work with.

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