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WEBINAR: Watch LIVE demo of world’s first and only automated spend analytics solution

By  Ruby  on  28 Aug 2018


Do you still rely on an elaborate Excel sheet for spend analysis? You’re not alone because Excel is the most popular “business intelligence” tool in the world, with many procurement professionals making big decisions with just a fragment of their data.

One of the reasons Excel remains popular is that traditional spend analysis tools remain difficult to use for non-technical people. We want to show you just how advanced technology has become in recent years - turning your disparate Excel sheets into business value is easier than ever before.

We recently provided a webinar that gives a sneak peak into our automated spend analytics solution in action (with all the risks of a live demo!). In this session, hosted by Paul Cook, VP of Sales at Rosslyn Data Technologies, and a former Chief Procurement Officer, we show how leading procurement organisations are obtaining more than just detailed spend visibility within an hour of loading data into Rosslyn’s innovative cloud platform, RAPid.

Automated spend analytics is changing how procurement teams work by:

  • Empowering decision-makers with greater insight from a plethora of data sources
  • Reducing data preparation time by 80% so more time is spent on advising colleagues
  • Drastically accelerating time to insight and time to business value
  • Significantly reducing data quality issues for better reporting and analysis

Watch this webinar on-demand today.