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WEBINAR: How to mitigate supplier risks by intelligently identifying relationships

By  Ruby  on  22 Jun 2017


For the majority of organisations, achieving visibility of suppliers and their associated risks is extremely challenging as there is too much data to effectively identify the most critical relationships. Until now. 

By leveraging the same technologies used by intelligence and law enforcement agencies to identify connections among people and organisations, it’s now possible to completely and accurately understand the relationships between your suppliers and employees, customers and persons of interest.  

This much-watch webinar showcases how the latest data technologies are helping your peers in procurement to:

  • Efficiently aggregate disparate data sources to map your entire supply chain
  • Proactively monitor supply chain risks that may negatively affect your business operations 
  • Discover and deliver actionable intelligence to help identify and prevent fraudulent activities
  • Fully access, combine and utilise the range of data available to your organisation
  • Reduce the time and effort required to visualise your organization’s risk profile 

Watch this webinar on-demand today.