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Taking Control of Your Spend Analytics with Minimal IT Support

By  Rosslyn Data Technologies   on  2 Sep 2020


Procurement teams globally being tasked to find opportunities to make substantive impact to the bottom line.

However, they face a number of roadblocks and delays to obtain the necessary insight, as procurement has traditionally butted heads with IT (the traditional gatekeeper of spend data) with resulting delays to analysis and insight.

Conflicting procurement and IT agendas means that procurement teams are often left struggling without the data and using ineffective tools like Excel to conduct spend analysis.

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

In an age of new technologies, accessed through the cloud, procurement is now able to regain control of its data and the necessary spend analytics - without making an enemy of IT.

In this paper, you can learn how to regain control through the power of self-service spend analytics, and focus on achieving true spend visibility.

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