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UK Cloud Awards Shortlists Rosslyn Data Technologies for “Analytics Product of the Year”

By  Lance Mercereau  on  1 Mar 2017

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London, United Kingdom:  March 1, 2017:   Just four months after its worldwide launch, the world's first automated data analytics solution has received its first accolade from technology experts.

Rosslyn Data Technologies (aka Rosslyn Analytics) today announced that its new self-service RAPid One-Click Data Analytics SaaS solution, which drastically reduces data-to-insight times for business decision makers, has been shortlisted for "Analytics Product of the Year" in this year's UK Cloud Awards. 

"We are proud and honoured to be recognized by the judges of the UK Cloud Awards for developing an easy-to-use analytics product that is changing the way people work," said Roger Bullen, CEO, Rosslyn Data Technologies.  "The Rosslyn team is focused on improving the quality and speed of decision-making in organizations by developing innovative technologies that automate data processes for faster reporting and analytics.”

Within minutes of loading data into the software company's popular RAPid Data Platform, decision-makers are able to integrate, report, analyse, organize and improve data quality required to better know and understand customers, employees and suppliers in support of strategic business and operational objectives. 

RAPid One-Click Data Analytics was made possible with a technological breakthrough of automating the many disparate steps or phases data must go through to be ready for analysis, from data acquisition and preparation to data visualization and data mining.

For users, automated data analytics means significant savings of time and money while accelerating decisions by eliminating labour intensive and expensive manual data preparation and data management processes. 

Real world use cases of RAPid One-Click Data Analytics by customers include: 

  • A global services company self-loaded 165,000 suppliers into the RAPid Cloud Platform.  In an hour, 68% of over £400 million in spend was automatically mapped, classified and enriched ready for analysis – significantly reducing the time and cost of preparing data for reporting and analysis.
  • A multinational engineering company witnessed significant business improvement efficiencies by automating the data collection and aggregation of data across 50 business units using the new SaaS solution for spend analytics.

The winner of the UK Cloud Awards will be announced on March 15, at OXO2 London.