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Rosslyn Data Technologies Launches Market First Fully Automated Data Analytics Solution

By  Lance Mercereau  on  25 Oct 2016

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Chicago, Illinois – October 25, 2016:  With a mission to provide relevant data to everyone in organizations, Rosslyn Data Technologies, formerly known as Rosslyn Analytics, today announced the immediate availability of RAPid One-Click Data Analytics, a new suite of self-service automated analytic (SaaS) solutions that reduce time to visibility and insight from weeks to mere hours.  

In a technological breakthrough, Rosslyn fast tracks decision-making by automating the many steps required to extract, transform, load (ETL) and improve data quality for complete, accurate and timely analysis. 

“Rosslyn Data Technologies leads the market in developing the self-service tools all business decision-makers need to be smarter and more productive,” said Roger Bullen, CEO, Rosslyn Analytics.  “Our talented development team has solved a technical feat by automating the entire data journey, from the extraction and loading of data into dashboards, so people spend more time on valuable analysis and less on data wrangling.”

Rosslyn also announced that a number of its global and regional partners will generate new revenue streams by selling the innovative RAPid One-Click Data Analytics solutions. They include Future PurchasingITC InfoTechRGP and others.

RAPid One-Click Spend Analytics, the first of many RAPid One-Click Data Analytic solutions to be launched over the next 12 months, is designed to help procurement teams obtain detailed spend visibility to better manage costs, compliance and risk issues.

Leading service providers have been awed by Rosslyn Data Technologies’ new solution:

  • “Rosslyn Data Technologies has the vision, skills and commitment to develop a fully automated data analytics solution that drastically reduces the cost and time decision-makers need to obtain and manage data in real-time. By partnering with Rosslyn, E&I Consulting Group is able to offer a cutting-edge technology that results in us giving clients relevant insight at the speed of business.” – Gary D. Link, Senior Vice President, E&I Consulting Group
  • “Procurement transformation starts by having insight into where to improve the efficacy of your organization.  Rosslyn’s new self-service spend analytics solution is the ideal tool to quickly obtain new levels of business insight without the cost and complexity of traditional methods of labor intensive spend analysis.” – Mark Webb, Managing Director, Future Purchasing
  • “Rosslyn Data Technologies is the best in class data analytics platform to provide a fully automated spend analytics solution designed to help procurement teams quickly extract, categorize and analyze data required to intelligently manage spend and run various procurement initiatives. ITC InfoTech’s consultants and clients will benefit from the improved spend visibility accessed through self-service reports and dashboards available on the RAPid cloud platform” – Raj Basu, Vice President – Business Analytics, ITC InfoTech

How RAPid One-Click Spend Analytics works

Designed for speed and ease-of-use, the automated RAPid One-Click Spend Analytics solution delivers detailed visibility into your suppliers within minutes of loading data into the RAPid Cloud Platform using two self-service tools to automatically extract data from SAP or load data from a CSV file. 

Once the data is in RAPid, you will have immediate access to a pre-built, multi-tab dashboard for visualization.  You can then use self-service tools to continuously improve data quality in real-time such as normalizing supplier names, fixing incorrect or incomplete vendor addresses, and classifying spend to a defined taxonomy.

The market for automated spend analytics is huge with only 19% of companies have a highly automated spend analysis process today, according to a study by The Hackett Group. (1) 

“Procurement leaders seeking to create smarter teams should be using automated spend analytics,” stated Patrick Connaughton, Senior Research Director, The Hackett Group.  “Our research reveals that the potential value of spend analysis is stifled by time-consuming, manual processes related to the extraction, transformation and enrichment of data.  Automated spend analytics give procurement professionals the software tools that empower them to work efficiently like never before.”

Affordable Pricing

RAPid One-Click Spend Analytics is available from Rosslyn and its partners. The price of this new solution starts from $5,000 per data load, per year.

Rosslyn has a history of developing pioneering data technologies. In 2009, the award-winning software company launched self-service spend analytics in the cloud that enables procurement teams to generate a return-on-investment in just eight weeks after going live in days compared to traditional business intelligence deployments that take many months.


The Hackett Group Report, “Ten Critical Success Factors for Spend Analysis Software Implementations,” February 2016