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Rosslyn Analytics Accelerates Business Transformation for Customers with Microsoft

By  Ruby  on  19 Sep 2016

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September 19, 2016 - London, UK: Rosslyn Analytics today announced that in just one year the leading data technology company has helped more than 200 private and public sector organizations accelerate digital transformation in the cloud on Microsoft Azure.

Unlike traditional digital technologies that take months to design and deploy, Rosslyn Analytics has developed a "digital ready" cloud platform on Microsoft Azure that accelerates business value creation by making more data available to more people in organization's faster than ever before. 

Rosslyn Analytics also announced that it is one of the first users of Microsoft's new UK data center, which launched on September 7, 2016.

"Data is integral to successful digital transformation strategies and programs," said Roger Bullen, CEO, Rosslyn Analytics. "Having that data resident in the UK provides us with new business opportunities, particularly in regulated industries. Furthermore, it means that Rosslyn Analytics can continue to redefine digital transformation in partnership with Microsoft by significantly reducing the time and cost for organizations to modernize their business models and processes using superior data to run mission critical business and IT applications."

With Rosslyn Analytics, business and technology leaders are now able to realize the benefits of digital transformation including creating new customer experiences, improving operations and increasing employee productivity within hours of loading data onto the RAPid Cloud Platform.

Clare Barclay, General Manager, Small, Medium Enterprises & Partner Group at Microsoft UK said: “Microsoft partners are at the forefront of driving business transformation across the country and collectively contribute $19 billion to the UK economy. The new UK data centers are designed for exactly the kind of cutting-edge applications which Rosslyn Analytics brings to market. Providing customers with self-service data technologies is key to helping them create faster business outcomes on the Azure cloud platform.”

Rosslyn Analytics is a strategic Microsoft partner, working closely with its product development and accounts teams to accelerate the adoption of Microsoft Azure and other new and innovative technologies.  RAPid is user ready with a suite of self-service tools that automatically extract, cleanse and enrich data to support numerous use cases such as migrating data for ERP projects and improving data quality for visualization.

“The pace of digital transformation, which is the process of updating legacy systems to better respond to the real world, is accelerating as executives realize the importance of new digital channels to interact with their customers, prospects, suppliers and partners” said Mike Ferguson, Head of Research, Intelligent Business Strategies.  “Rosslyn Analytics as a Microsoft partner is an option well worth considering for companies wanting to expedite the process of migrating to digital ready applications and processes to improve customer engagement in a faster paced business world.”

Earlier in the year, Rosslyn Analytics was recognized as a finalist in the 2016 Microsoft Data Platform Partner of the Year Award. Its popular RAPid cloud platform features one-click analytic solutions which enable decision-makers to visualize, interact with and govern data, using embedded Power BI built on a proprietary data warehouse in the cloud, with write back capability accessed through a user friendly analytics layer.