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A guide to creating a sustainable supply chain

By  Rosslyn Data Technologies  on  29 Nov 2021


It's time to face the challenge of sustainability within the supply chain

The imminent effects of climate change have put responsible procurement on the top of most businesses' agendas. A strategic plan is needed to achieve sustainability across the supply chain.

"Sustainable procurement is the act of adopting social, economic and environmental factors alongside the typical price and quality considerations into the organisations handling of procurement processes and procedures." CIPS

Let the journey begin

The mission to achieve a sustainable supply chain starts from the very first engagement with a supplier. Communicating your expectations to suppliers along with close cooperation is critical for the success of your agenda to lower impact on the planet.

Data at the forefront

By utilising data sources, companies are able to develop environmentally-friendly processes across the supply chain.

Download our infographic which will guide you through the steps that your business can take to achieve its green objectives.

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