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Accounts Payable Audit for profit recovery

An AP Audit is the process of examining historic supplier payments, plus the entire procure-to-pay cycle, to highlight and then recover any overpayments or uncl


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Rosslyn Supplier Onboarding

The fastest way to build an up-to-date supplier database you can trust


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RAPid Contract

RAPid Contract Manager

Achieve greater efficiencies, mitigate risks and improve supplier relationships


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RAPid Supplier

RAPid Supplier Performance Analytics

The next generation in supplier performance management.


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Data Extraction

Rosslyn Data Extraction

The fastest way to create insights from your business information


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Supplyer performance whitepaper

Supplier Performance: Is it time for a new metric?


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One of the largest UK retailers turns to Rosslyn for spend visibility


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case study 3

$80m Savings Generated in Year One


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case study 2

A New Source of Working Capital


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