Posted by  Lance Mercereau  Published on  15 Jul 2014
  • Spend Analytics

Investing in technology should lead to savings and efficiency, but without the right quality of data, this quickly becomes a limited and frustrating venture.

Today, the capabilities of the cloud, combined with an ever-increasing volume of data, offers business leaders numerous routes to turn spend analytics into an accessible source of enterprise value.

We’ve developed this paper to provide five examples of how procurement can become a strategic advisor to their organizations on how to exploit data through the enrichment of spend data.

By downloading this guide, you will learn:

  • How procurement can tap into new levels of value for stakeholders by becoming stewards for data
  • The importance of investing in data to help unlock enterprise objectives, from CSR targets to P2P performance
  • Why business leaders are using cloud-hosted and delivered tools to overcome legacy issues and to channel large volumes of data into a more strategic and valuable asset

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