Posted by  Ruby  Published on  13 Jun 2017
  • Metrics and KPIs
  • HR Strategy

Every company has its own analytics journey, unique to its business objectives and challenges. Despite these differences, there are some crucial approaches that even successful HR teams can adopt to ensure that they address those specific people issues inhibiting growth in revenue and profits. The secret lies in understanding the value of human capital data.

In this comprehensive user guide, we have outlined the opportunities facing today’s HR leaders and how they can and should be realizing the benefits of deploying reporting and analytics in their teams and across their organizations.

Used in conjunction with the self-service HR analytics savings calculator, the guide sheds light on the real cost of five major workforce issues -  poor candidate experience, bad hires, high staff turnover, low employee attendance and poor employee productivity – and what, when and how to use data to identify, address and monitor them. 




By reading this guide, you will discover:

  • How to use your employee data to identify, monitor and address workforce issues
  • What are the key points you need to make the business case for new HR initiatives
  • Understand the strategic value that your HR team can deliver 

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