Posted by  Hugh Cox  Published on  15 Oct 2013
  • Data Strategy

The cloud is acknowledged as one of the hottest topics in the world of computing and technology - but just why should data discovery vendors themselves move into the cloud?

Here, I will go into more depth about the cloud, and outline a series of scenarios which demonstrate the need to move forwards:

A Case of When, Not If

The world as a whole is moving towards the cloud – more and more services are being offered through increasing numbers of businesses, and there will continue to be a head of steam built up with adoption increasing until we reach cloud’s ubiquitousness in everyday life. So there are two options – jump on board now, or get left behind.

Making the transition to the cloud shouldn’t be viewed as a depressing inevitability and the latest technology fad: cloud is here to stay, and vendors should be embracing the benefits that come with it.

The market is demanding increasingly smarter applications, with an ‘on demand’ expectation that’s bigger than ever before. This is the perfect opportunity for vendors – and their partners – to get in ahead of their competitors and really show what they can do to meet and exceed increasingly complex customer demands.

Those who do will get the largest slice of the cloud pie. Those that wait will be left in the dust.

Customers are also seeing the cloud as a differentiator when they’re buying –hugely expensive servers and data centers are no longer de rigueur. Space (and budgets), are at a premium – and customers are demanding more for less. Vendors that can offer agile and flexible solutions will see business boom

The cloud also provides the opportunity for flexible handling of data – essential given IBM estimates that we’ve created 90% of the world’s data in the last 2 years. Businesses need data discovery vendors to show them the woods for the trees, and just how they can make the most of this data, and develop applications for actionable insights.