Posted by  Charles Clark  Published on  26 Jul 2013
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Data Strategy

The most common barrier quoted by organizations that are reluctant to use applications in the cloud is a concern about security. But a recent study by comScore shows that organizations that have made the move into the cloud overwhelmingly report that the security of their systems has actually significantly improved across a wide range of metrics:

  • 94% reported security benefits they did not have with on-premise technology
  • 75% reported increased service availability compared with on-premise systems
  • 62% reported improved privacy protection compared with on-premise data

It seems that security has moved from a barrier to adoption to an important benefit of computing in the cloud. But that’s not to trivialize the importance of security, or to deny it as a legitimate concern.

We’ve always recognized that our cloud-based analytics applications had to pay particular attention to security throughout the cycle from data uploading and consolidation, through data cleansing and enrichment, to user access to dashboards and reports.

Since the day we founded Rosslyn Analytics, we’ve always taken pains to support all the relevant security standards, to impose a rigorous data security regime, and to open our systems up to rigorous testing by many of the world’s most respected and security-conscious organizations.

It seems that all that hard work is paying off – not just in the experiences of our customers but also in the broader perceptions in the marketplace. Security in the cloud has come of age, and is no longer any riskier than traditional on-site deployments. In fact, it seems that the pendulum has swung the other way.

So if you’ve been attracted by the idea of analytics in the cloud, but have held back because you’re concerned that it may not be as secure as your in-house systems; it’s time to think again.

The overwhelming cost and time advantages of cloud-based analytics are now complemented by security advantages as well.

What’s holding you back?