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Getting more from your data

By  Lance Mercereau  on  14 Jul 2015
  • Data Strategy

We take a different approach to data, and our RAPid platform has been built to empower everyday users within your organization so they can harness the value of data available to them without the need of IT support. You get the benefit of a multi-million dollar investment in technology for a very low subscription price.

But how do we see the world?

Information is the lifeblood of organizations, but can only be relied upon to help inform decisions when the underlying data is trustworthy. Poor quality data has a detrimental effect on the accuracy of the intelligence that can be drawn from the data. It is easy to take chunks of data and stick it into visualization tools however, to be blunt, if you put garbage in, you will get visual garbage out.

So what can be done about it?

In order to have confidence in your reporting, you need to have confidence in the quality of your data. You can only have that by having data integrated into a single platform, accessed from a single place. Unlike other solutions where each component of the data preparation and analytics process is a separate, disparate process, we view the process holistically, as a data factory.

Through RAPid gives you, the business user, the tools to access, combine, clean and enhance data, AND to perform in-depth analysis on the prepared data, enabling the production of clear and correct reports.

We have developed a far faster and easier way for business users to access and transform complex data into meaningful information than traditional methods. This cutting edge process is called ICE:

1. Integration

A single view of your data is a reality. With RAPid, your organization’s data can be combined from multiple systems and locations ready for cleansing, enrichment and analysis regardless of source.  Our automated connectors make extraction from source systems easy – implementation will have minimal, or no, IT involvement.

Whether you have structured data in transactional systems, semi-structured data in alternative formats or unstructured sources such as text documents, the data can be combined and loaded into RAPid using business-oriented mapping techniques.

2. Cleansing

The accuracy of your decisions is only as good as the accuracy and timeliness of information.  It is essential that you are able to cleanse your data such as fixing incorrect supplier names and addresses.  Intuitive data quality tools empower you so you can make those necessary changes quickly and on the spot.

RAPid features high performance algorithms that auto-identify and correct poor data records. The latest technologies include an automated data transformation that ensures business users have the tools to classify, connect and benchmark data to external sources of information.

3. Enrichment

Never be left unaware of a potential business risk or opportunity. RAPid offers three different types of enrichment tool, allowing users to add meaning and business insight to data:

  • Third party data sources. Connect your organisation’s data to the world’s information through external data feeds such as social media and business credit risk data.
  • Business rules. Add meaning through business rules, defined by the business user through an intuitive user interface, to classify and “tag” data for analysis.
  • Data collection. Collect quantitative and qualitative information through easy-to-build and distribute scorecards and surveys, fully integrated into existing data.