Posted by  Charles Clark  Published on  23 Apr 2014
  • Data Strategy

Not every cloud is identical – whether in meteorology or technology.

Recently, I have been on a tour of sorts and spending a lot of time talking to individuals and institutions invested (fiscally and intellectually) in funding the future of business.

One common theme from these conversations is that our approach to enabling organizations to master their data stands out from the crowd.

However, the story I am about to tell you isn't about us; It's about the future of the Cloud BI market, and its ramifications for customers and service providers alike.

What is becoming clear, is that there are three types of Cloud BI vendors forming:

The “Better Late Than Never” Vendors
The first group are traditional software vendors that entered the Cloud arena late, only doing so after witnessing losing a lot of business to the second group of Cloud vendors I coin as “Traditional Cloud Vendors”.

The Traditional Vendors
These players have semi-scalable Cloud solutions which are modelled on traditional software sales (such as pricing on volume of data). For these vendors, it is about grabbing as much revenue as quickly as possible, including making money from professional services.

The Innovator Vendors
The last group of Cloud BI vendors are defining the future for the market: Having developed their solutions in the Cloud, especially for the Cloud; their services merge the latest cutting-edge data management and data discovery tools and more. These services make the most of the opportunities that the Cloud presents – continually developing and deploying new capabilities. Most importantly, these vendors have devised new self-service delivery and transparent pricing models.

Cloud vendors are finding that they need to adapt, fast, or lose out as clients are demanding Cloud solutions that are flexible, provide cost savings and scalability in order to address current and future needs.

Those that succeed will be the vendors that take this into account and use these client needs as an impetus to create intelligent, innovative solutions.