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The State of HR Analytics report

By  Rosslyn Data Technologies  on  24 Apr 2017

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Only 9% of senior executives have confidence in the quality of their HR data, according to a survey conducted by Rosslyn Data Technologies and Tucana of more than 300 HR professionals in January-April 2017.

The results of the comprehensive survey show that there is much progress to be made by HR leaders in getting their teams up to a standard required to deliver more insight and value to colleagues up and across their organizations.   That said, HR teams are adopting new data technologies at a faster pace than other departments in the past, such as finance and procurement.

Our exclusive survey reveals that:

  • One in three businesses is grappling with the challenge of fragmented data
  • 20% of HR departments lack the skills to analyze and interrogate data
  • Almost three-quarters of HR professionals have average quality data but still, use it to carry out analysis
  • 68% of HR departments do not have a standard corporate-wide taxonomy in place for effective reporting and analysis  

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