Employee Data

Improve staff productivity and satisfaction by understanding your workforce

Employees can be both the most valuable asset to an organisation, and also, potentially, the most costly. Unfortunately, most business leaders lack the insight to make the relevant decisions. 

HR professionals work in a data-rich department, collecting information on employees such as performance, timesheets, payroll, satisfaction, sickness records, and more that should be used not reactively, but looking ahead what would could be achieved with the right talent.

Done right, with analytics, a wide-range of questions can be answered:

  • How do I motivate and retain top talent?
  • How do I streamline the recruitment process and focus on ideal candidates?
  • How do I ensure workforce productivity levels are higher than all competitors?

Create competitive advantage by collecting, using and sharing employee data across your company.  You’ll create a new standard in employee engagement and employee experience. It will also make the working lives of your colleagues better, improving employee productivity.