Value of Data

Do more with your data to gain that competitive advantage

With the relevant data, you can increase revenues, improve processes, supercharge innovation, drive productivity, manage risk, control finances and engage teams across your organization. But where do you start? Where do you focus your efforts to deliver even more business value?

Combining and manipulating these six datasets will unlock a whole world of insights for your entire company. It will also enable you and your colleagues to make strategic leaps and bounds in your decision-making with informed confidence.  Be inspired with data.


Finance Data

What changes can I make to optimize my organization for the new budget?

Which of our business units are most profitable and why?

Would our organization be better off with European interest rates?


Spend Data

How do I ensure my supply chain is as lean as possible?

Will tightening spending near the end of the financial year affect productivity?

How can I consolidate my supplier contracts to deliver greater spend efficiency?


Supply Chain Data

How do I reduce inventory levels while improving customer service?

How do I get products to market faster more efficiently? 

How do I identify and monitor potential supply chain disruptions?




Customer Data

Who will be my highest value customers in a year's time?

How do I increase customer loyalty across all demographics? 

How do I increase marketing spend ROI?



Employee Data

How do I motivate and retain top talent in the business?

How can I streamline the recruitment process and focus on only ideal candidates? 

How do I ensure workforce productivity levels are higher than all our competitors?


Product Data

How do I design a product that fills a very specific gap in the market?

How do I get pricing of my products right?

How can I increase profit margins without raising my prices?


Not sure where to start?

Discover how to create value from your business data. Our latest guide is here to help you understand the improved insights and business outcomes you can deliver with a data-driven strategy.