Automated Data Extraction

Create a data-driven environment that will drive agility, reduce project risk and improve productivity.


Creating a single view of your business data is undeniably complex. Data volumes rise every day and source systems are increasingly configured with hundreds of custom fields and accessible only by IT.

It's why we created our Data Extraction service, a user-friendly method to automate data extraction, speed up project timelines and improve the quality of data used for reporting and analysis.

Our unique service can extract data from multiple systems, in multiple locations in a matter of minutes and transferred to the target location using our strict and secure data transfer protocols.

Rosslyn clients use our extraction services to consolidate knowledge across the organization, establish agile reporting processes and support a data-driven way of working.

Today, we are seen as market leaders in data extraction, having won a number of awards for our capabilities. Our extraction services are also designed to specifically address common data complexities around Unicode, language, currency and date.

Not sure if we can help? We're the experts in extracting and integrating business information from an extensive ecosystem of sources.

Here are just a few of the sources we currently extract from for clients: