Complete Data Enrichment

Augment your data with risk, financial and geographic information to create more context and deliver better insights.


Even the highest quality data set can fail to show you the big picture. For many enterprises, it can be challenging to make decisions using only internal data - sometimes you need more context.

It's why we established Rosslyn Data Enrichment services, a new way to intelligently augment your data with up-to-date business information from the world's biggest third-party data providers.

Need more insight? Just add data. Our Data Enrichment service intelligently identifies and ignores common data entry errors such as misspellings and focuses on the enriching the data that is truly relevant to your organisation. Self-service controls allow your to specify your enrichment criteria, automated workflows do the rest.


Procurement and Finance teams can access over 150 million global supplier records to enrich their reporting and analysis, while HR and Customer Experience teams can add geocoding to records so that employee and customer locations can be visualized on a map for reporting and geographical-based campaigns.

Rosslyn has created one of the world’s largest ecosystem of data sources that improve the completeness, quality and relevance of your data for deeper insight and visibility into your suppliers, customers and employees.

Leveraging our suite of automated data extraction and capture tools, you are minutes away from having a competitive advantage. Below is just a small list of the many enrichment sources we add to your core data in our platform:

How Can Enrichment Help Procurement Teams?

As supply chains become more global, complex and interdependent, it's essential for procurement teams to have more context, facts and intelligence about their spend and suppliers. Discover the power of data enrichment for procurement teams today.