Comprehensive Data Cleansing

Identify incorrect records and amend your data through the perfect blend of machine-learning and expert oversight. 


No organisation has complete confidence in their data. Mistakes during data entry are unavoidable and multiple systems used by different teams inevitably leads to duplicated records.

It's why we created Rosslyn's Data Cleansing service, a unique offering that automates the identification of your incomplete and incorrect records to give you accurate data to make decisions with. 


Rosslyn Data Cleansing works through a combination of machine-learning, business rules, automated workflows and our data team's domain expertise. The service will help your team to remove redundant records, normalise names and terms, validate addresses and group your business data to align it to your processes.


Whether it's spend and purchasing data, employee records or customer information, we can help you to apply business rules that will automatically normalise and manage your data as you go forward, giving you the clarity you need to grow your business.