Data Services from Rosslyn

Extract granular data from multiple systems

Automate data cleansing and integration

Create a single version of the truth


Discover the insights hidden in your business data. 

The RAPid platform features built-in, ready to use data management tools designed for business users to continuously review, improve and manage data and documents.

Master Data Management

Automatically aggregate, improve and organize your data and documents. All your business information - synchronized and standardized across the organization for a single view of the truth.

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Data Extraction

Automate the extraction of your business data - no matter where it's hiding. Our tools can rapidly extract whether it's a simple spreadsheet or your most complex ERP, HRIS or customer database.

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Data Cleansing

Improve your data quality through the perfect blend of machine-learning and expert oversight. Incomplete and incorrect records will be identified and amended using our automated data cleansing tools.

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Data Enrichment

Enrich your data to create more context and deliver better insights. We'll work to augment your data with 3rd party information and add factors including diversity, financial risk, and geographical spread.

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5 Ways to Eradicate Bad Data

Discover the negative impact that poor data quality can have on business performance. Our latest whitepaper provides best practice advice on how to deal with bad data.