90% of employees claim they don't have they data they need to do their job. We're here to change that. Discover the insights that you need to become a data-driven organization.

The amount of business data you have access to is growing every single day. With so much information available, you should be able to increase revenues, improve processes, innovate your products and services, and drive productivity across your organization. But where do you start?

Data Services

Good quality data is the foundation of any business insight. Our 4 core data capabilities will help you to rapidly extend your analysis capabilities and explore new opportunities.

Master Data Management

Automatically aggregate, improve and organize your data and documents. All your business information - synchronized and standardized across the organization for a single view of the truth.

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Data Extraction

Automate the extraction of your business data - no matter where it's hiding. Our tools can rapidly extract whether it's a simple spreadsheet or your most complex ERP, HRIS or customer database.

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Improve your data quality through the perfect blend of machine-learning and expert oversight. Incomplete and incorrect records will be identified and amended using our automated data cleansing tools.

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Enrich your data to create more context and deliver better insights. We'll work to augment your data with 3rd party information and add factors including diversity, financial risk, and geographical spread.

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Six Datasets Critical For Success

Do you have the data you need to succeed? Become a data-driven organization by combining and manipulating these datasets to create new sources of value and insight. 

Spend Data

Spend data can generate more than just cost savings. Discover the new sales models, supplier engagement possibilities and potential risks hidden in your ERP.

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Finance Data

Exceed your business objectives by tapping into your ecosystem of financial insights. Go beyond reporting and embrace predictive analytics to lead your business forward.

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Supply Chain Data

Optimize your operations to avoid costly delays, shorten sourcing cycles and deliver new efficiencies. Your supplier information and inventory data create a rich picture of actionable intelligence.

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Customer Data

Increase revenue by improving engagement with your buyers and influencers. Your customer lifecycle data could be your new secret weapon.

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Employee Data

Improve staff productivity, satisfaction levels and collaboration efforts by understanding your workforce in a new way. Employee data is here to modernize HR activities and deliver measurable results.

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Product Data

Create the market leading offerings that your customers deserve. Discover how your investments in products translates into sales performance with automated and intuitive analytics.

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