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Time to reflect

By  Paul Lawrence  on  12 Feb 2021

Wondering the streets at lunchtime gives me time to think.

I don’t do this every day but I think those days that I do, I return more focused. I’m reminded every day to take a break from sitting in my office by my wife and sometimes I listen – shhh don’t tell her. That time away is sometimes possible but sometimes it’s not.

It’s worth considering the impact it has on my mental health. I explained before, on those days which I do take exercise, I return more focused so that’s a positive; But then there’s always that nagging doubt about that valuable 30 minutes. Is my time best spent working, delivering that piece of work or achieving a deadline? Taking the time away, will that mean that I might not be seen to be doing my job, might it be seen as a weakness, to admit that I need a break?


Mental health break


Today I’m using this free time to dictate this blog to you (as I walk passed people who think I look a little bit funny talking about this with a phone placed near my chin). This blog isn’t one of my normal ones about process, best practice, or how to get the best out of a spend analytics or procurement analytics tool – you will find these on the Rosslyn website. This one is about reflection and mental health awareness.

Taking the time to clear your head might feel counterproductive in a pressured environment, but when you have a million things going on and a task list the length of the garden, it might be just what you need to bring your best self back to the surface.


Paul Lawrence, Senior Customer Success Manager – Rosslyn Data Technologies