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Rosslyn Analytics Shortlisted at The Cloud World Series Awards

By  Lance Mercereau  on  11 Jun 2014

Rosslyn Analytics, a leader in cloud-based enterprise data management and analytics, announced that its widely used RAPid Spend Analytics app has been shortlisted for Best Cloud Application at the Cloud World Series Awards. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 17 June 2014, at Olympia National, London.

“Rosslyn Analytics has a long and proud history of innovation and leading the charge with spend analytics – a mission critical insight used by organizations around the world to improve profitability and manage business risks and more,” said Charles Clark, CEO, Rosslyn Analytics.“To be shortlisted for Best Cloud Application at The Cloud World Series Awards is well-earned recognition for our brilliant research and development team.”

Rosslyn Analytics was the first to launch self-service spend analytics in the cloud in 2010 when the company unveiled its award-winning cloud-based data management and analytics platform.

The RAPid Spend Analysis app is just one of many pre-built dashboards and reports that run on the RAPid platform, which has redefined how employees conduct real-time spend analysis without having to wait on overstretched IT departments.

Business users can easily extend the business value and reporting functionality of RAPid by simply adding any data in order to uncover vendor overpayments, review contract compliance, and mitigate fraud and more from a single platform for collaborative analysis and data discovery.

“Rosslyn Analytics is a fine example of British innovation,” said Lindsay Smith, Secretary General, Eurocloud UK. “From its inception in 2007, Rosslyn Analytics wasn’t just one of the early originators of cloud-based analytics delivered as-a-service, it clearly helped to shape the market here and overseas by successfully demonstrating the rapid business value of cloud computing to companies and governments around the world.”