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Rosslyn Analytics Launches Next Generation Supplier Performance Management App

By  Charles Clark  on  20 Oct 2014

Company also unveils new data development tool for business users designed to collect and connect insight from people to enterprise data

New York and London, 20 October 2014: Rosslyn Analytics today unveiled the next-generation in supplier performance management technology with the launch of RAPid Supplier Performance Analytics, the first business application of RAPid InTouch, an innovative business tool that opens up the world of big analytics by making it possible for non-technical users to collect and connect unstructured ideas from humans to structured company data.

"The last bastion of analytics - and the most exciting - is the ability for organizations to tap into the knowledge, opinions and ideas of people,"said Charles Clark, CEO of Rosslyn Analytics. "Rosslyn Analytics has made human connected analytics a reality by designing new technologies that make collecting data from any source possible so assessing the performance of 10,000 suppliers is as easy as one!”

Supplier performance analytics
RAPid Supplier Performance Analytics is the first business application to be created using RAPid InTouch, a ground-breaking technology that promises to change how organizations obtain data regardless of source.

This next generation supplier performance management application addresses a specific and costly issue facing procurement professionals - an historical inability to link disparate data sources together to paint a complete and accurate picture of the risks, costs and opportunities of partnering with suppliers.

According Rosslyn Analytics, 90 percent of procurement teams do not collect performance data on suppliers and of the 10 percent that do, the information is not connected to spend data required to obtain a 360-degree of suppliers and the associated risks, costs and opportunities.

Deployed online in days, RAPid Supplier Performance Analytics delivers value quickly, helping organizations to better manage costs, alleviate risks and drive continuous process improvement:

  • Obtain a 360-view of suppliers including context information such as supply chain risks
  • Eliminate decision-making siloes by linking spend data to supplier performance information
  • No training required using pre-built dashboard and interactive supplier performance scorecards

The new RAPid Supplier Performance Analytics builds out the company’s comprehensive suite of integrated procurement solutions consisting of spend analytics, contract management, forensics analytics and expense analytics. These and other data quality apps come with an annual subscription to the RAPid analytics platform.

About RAPid InTouch - Human connected analytics
Today’s new supplier performance analytics application provides the world with a preview of RAPid InTouch, the future of tapping into the minds of millions of consumers, employees and suppliers.

“RAPid InTouch from Rosslyn represents a technological jump forward in analytics. For the first time, non-technical employees in procurement, finance and marketing have a simple-to-use tool that gives them the ability to create new types of information by collecting insight from people and connecting this with other data found in a company so there are no more information blind spots,” added Charles Clark.

This revolution in individual-to-company (I2C) networked analytics is possible because Rosslyn has designed a proprietary dynamic schema that automatically links and categorizes data from any source. This exciting new technology opens up and makes available for the first time insight from millions of people from around the world.

Rosslyn Analytics will soon unveil new business applications developed using RAPid InTouch that will help clients better engage stakeholders in real-time.

This proprietary tool is hosted on Rosslyn Analytics’ RAPid cloud platform, which helps users centralize, improve and collaboratively analyze data.