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Rosslyn Analytics Announces New Executive Appointments

By  Lance Mercereau  on  17 Feb 2014

Rosslyn Analytics, a leader in cloud-based data management and analytics, today announces two new executive appointments to support its ambitious growth and expansion plans. Hugh Cox, co-founder and formerly Chief Innovation Officer at Rosslyn Analytics, now assumes the role of Chief Data Officer, and Quynh Nguyen has been appointed to the role of Chief Technology Officer. Both Hugh and Quynh report directly into Charles Clark, Chief Executive Officer of Rosslyn Analytics.

In his new role, Hugh will manage the data ecosystem within Rosslyn’s RAPid data management and analytics platform, overseeing client data collection, use and strategy, with the ultimate goal of driving data-driven cultures within client organizations. During his tenure as Chief Executive Officer, Hugh was responsible for overseeing the expansion and development of Rosslyn’s data analytics capabilities and developing strategic relationships with key technology partners. In his new role, he will be drawing on this experience to lead a team of data scientists to continue to develop new and intelligent data capabilities for the RAPid platform.

Quynh is a highly respected data scientist with a PhD in Data Mining. During his time at Rosslyn, he has been responsible for leading the effort to build and develop the unique data management and analytics capabilities that underpin the RAPid platform. He will now be responsible for leading the continuing research and development of the RAPid platform.

Charles Clark, CEO, Rosslyn Analytics, commented: “We have made these appointments due to the rapid evolution of the business landscape, and the market need for advanced, intuitive data management and analytics applications.  With data as the lifeblood of organizations, we wanted to demonstrate our dedication to solving the critical data issues that our clients are facing. We are committed to continuing to advance the capabilities of our platform and apps, and these appointments ensure that we will be able to successfully drive innovation and expansion for both data and technology. With these roles working in parallel, we can enable organizations to address the key issues of integration, cleansing and enrichment of their data intelligently through an easily consumable platform and drive true data cultures within their organizations.”