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PwC announces a business relationship with Rosslyn Analytics

By  Lance Mercereau  on  5 May 2015

Chicago, Illinois – May 5, 2015:   PwC and Rosslyn Analytics, a global leader in big data cloud technology, have announced the launch of a joint business relationship to bring new and innovative data services to companies around the world.

The explosion of digital data is revolutionizing business and data analytics is appearing more and more as a top priority issue, perceived as critical to unlocking future growth, managing cost and decreasing risk. 

Organizations of every type and in every sector are now expecting their business decisions to be based upon robust data analytics to support intuition and experience. Decision-making is expected to be close to real-time and deeply embedded into day-to-day processes. Data-led insight can add business value to every part of the value chain and every area of business decision-making.

From Rosslyn's RAPid data technologies and analytics platform, companies are able to move at speed and get unprecedented productivity gains and access to innovative data technologies that enable them to collect, prepare and manage their data whilst making it available. PwC brings deep industry experience, a broad range of business services and cutting-edge client insights, from strategy through execution. Together, PwC and Rosslyn Analytics will help companies resolve many of the issues that enterprises have with their vast data needs and guide them in unlocking the hidden value more effectively and whilst adjusting to the disruptive forces shaping their businesses.

Yann Bonduelle, PwC partner and head of data analytics, said: "For our clients, acquiring the knowledge most important to their operations, securing that information and using it optimally are critical - now more than ever before. We are delighted to be teaming up with Rosslyn to offer our joint knowledge and capabilities to clients - giving them one place to go, maximizing experience and assets from both organizations.

Yann added: "In our most recent survey of business leaders, 75% of UK CEOs say that data and data analytics are proving valuable to them, whilst 79% see data mining and analysis as one of the top digital technologies. This highlights how important it is to our clients to embrace the technology available to give them greater competitive advantage."

PwC and Rosslyn Analytics will help clients by collaborating on existing solutions and developing new offerings in three areas: 

  • Help companies succeed by leveraging PwC's business insights along with Rosslyn's suite of cloud-enabled data technologies. In doing so, we will empower companies to make better use of their data, reduce costs and risks throughout their business and supply chains, improve productivity levels and serve customers more efficiently.
  • Use the combined power of PwC's analytical acumen and Rosslyn's RAPid Big Data Cloud Analytics Platform to help businesses make the most of technology and information and be better equipped to compete and creating new services to reinvent and optimise operations.
  • With the right tools and insight now driving decisions, PwC and Rosslyn Analytics will guide companies seeking to break new ground in their businesses - not only to compete with new entrants and adapt to disruptive market forces - but also to lead the innovation themselves.

Charles Clark, CEO of Rosslyn Analytics, said: "Our collaboration is about helping clients to embrace their journey in analytics, and transform their organisations to thrive and maintain relevance in a rapidly changing world. An increasing number of companies, large and small, look to our data technologies to help them reduce costs and risks, and improve their revenue and productivity across their businesses. We're delighted to enter into a relationship with PwC - a leading adviser for businesses around the world - to bring the best of Rosslyn Analytics to work and help companies perform better."