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Octopus Investments Launches Self-Service Data Store for Faster Insight

By  Lance Mercereau  on  21 Sep 2015

London, 22 September 2015:  Rosslyn Analytics, a leading cloud data technology company, today announces that it has successfully deployed a self-service data store for Octopus Investments, one of the UK’s fastest growing investment management companies, which has resulted in IT creating 25% efficiency savings by providing client sales and marketing teams with reports-delivered-as-a-service from a single cloud analytics platform.

“The best performing organisations are those that are able to exploit the value of data, enabling them to better service customer requirements,” said Tim Valmas, IT Director at Octopus Investments.  “Rosslyn Analytics has given us a powerful analytics platform that provides a single point-of-service to support the entire business, from centralising and improving data quality in real-time to quickly developing and testing new analytical apps for the business.”

Octopus Investments selected Rosslyn Analytics because its secure big data cloud analytics platform, RAPid, is designed to get the right data to the right people at the right time.  Unlike traditional reporting systems that create data silos in organisations, RAPid delivers a unified experience, bringing together business and IT teams so there is only one source of centralised enterprise-wide information.

Rapid Deployment

Rosslyn Analytics worked closely with Octopus Investments implementing the data store using information from three sources.  To date, more than 100 business users from the client’s sales, marketing, operations and finance teams log in to the RAPid platform for on-demand access to self-service dashboards and reports they use with clients in the office or on the road.

“Rosslyn Analytics’ RAPid platform has accelerated my team’s ability to support the business because we no longer have to manage tactical tasks such as running databases as it’s all delivered as a service in the platform. This has saved our Business Analytics team a great deal of time, allowing them to focus on more strategic value-added projects aligned to customer satisfaction,” added Tim Valmas. 

Future-Proof IT

RAPid is the only data analytics platform that brings together (in a single web environment) easy-to-use self-service tools that allow business and IT users to integrate, cleanse, enrich, analyse and visualise data.   It is also future-proof.  To extend reporting capabilities, users only need to add more data to the platform using one of the industry’s first self-service data loader tools or automated data connectors – no more time intensive and costly system integration.

Uniquely, RAPid empowers business users to create dashboards and reports, view data linkages and improve data quality on the spot while technical employees are able to use the latest and emerging technologies including Hadoop, MongoDB, Neo4J, Elasticsearch, and data discovery tools to develop and test big data analytical apps before deploying across the organisation on the same analytics platform.   

This agility and elasticity is possible because RAPid provides a trinity of services (infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service) at the click of a mouse, giving clients the freedom and room to scale business intelligence deployments up and down as market conditions dictate.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Tim and his team at Octopus Investments.  They have a clear vision that I believe makes them stand out in the industry as one of the most progressive organisations, because they understand the value of implementing innovative technologies that make consuming data for employees as easy as using an iPad,”said Hugh Cox, Chief Data Officer at Rosslyn Analytics.